Sharjah Art Institute, Al Hisn House and "somewhere in the desertline" between Sharjah and Dubai 
February 20th – 22th, 2000.

During the workshop Space, Time and Scale a number of students from Dept. of Architecture & Design, American University Sharjah, were asked to observe the volume and space of one of the oldest and most significant buildings in Sharjah, Al Hisn.
The ground plan of Al Hisn was to be "drawn" in the desert in scale 1:1, using available materials. In one project coral stones were used to construct the ground plan and the vertical plan was raised by flames, setting the stones on fire at sunset.
The virtual appearance of volume and space in the desert was studied and reflected. Including the experience of the buildings displacement from urban field to desert field.
The workshop Space, Time and Scale was conceived and led by
Ass. professor Hans Feldthusen, The Aarhus School of Architecture
- and performed in cooperation with:
Ass. professor Kevin Mitchell and his students from Dept. of Architecture & Design, AUS.
Other participants and contributors were
Dr. Al-Azzawi, Islamic arhaeological expert, Dept. of Culture & Information
Dorte Dahlin, painter
Ph.D. Salim Abdali, poet and physicist
Professor Mogens Møller, sculptor
Sharjah Firepatrol
Sharjah Police